Be a part of Creating Change









A community to accelerate sustainable solutions in meetings and travel

With the "communitylab" everyone involved in international meetings and travel is invited to experiment how a community can help finding new solutions for sustainable meetings and travel.

We don’t just talk about the importance of communities – here is the practical tool to explore what it means being part of one.

What would YOU expect from your community? What do YOU need and how do YOU see the future of your work, the meetings industry and the planet at large?

We are open to partnerships and collaborations with organisations sharing our mission.

Our commitment has a reason!

Changing focus

To maintain international meetings and travel business in the future, we want to make sure that all our action supports sustainable developments.

Recognize new context

Together, we look forward to identify new synergies and to build new bridges.

A new sense of belonging

Reviewing how we work together will find us more meaning and joy in our work. A new age of collaborating and the generous exchange of knowledge helps everyone in achieving more.