Talent - a main challenge for the international event industry and for investors?

The need for (and the lack of) talent seems to be the single most challenge for companies and destinations to broadly strategize and grow.

Runar Reistrup is a member of the Vakstrarforum — the Growth Forum, a new government initiative in the Faroe Islands. As a successful entrepreneur with Faroese background he is bringing in his extensive experience from building companies and creating new context through digital services to the Forum group. Runar was CEO of UK/US based start-up Depop that sold for $1.6bn last week and is now leading YunoJuno.

Runar splits his professional life between London and Faroe Islands, coming back home to the Faroe Islands regularly for remote working and to spend the weekends with his family. He is a blueprint of a contemporary entrepreneur successfully mixing lifestyles and professional demands that we can look at to better understand the future of work and the opportunities we will showcase here below.

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