The question is no longer whether we want to change but how that should happen

Today I call for change.


No doubt, a lot has changed in the context of meetings and travel in the last 1.5 years. This should include the realization that there is more change to be expected.

Many of those changes relate to familiar, analogue applications in our industry, now converted into digital and virtual versions. Not bad.


But if we really want to change, we have to break away from the familiar patterns. True change has to start from inside ourselves, it is a change of perceptions and conditioned attitudes. Not easy to accomplish. No shortcuts also to find solutions for a sustainable future of the meetings and travel industry – we will have to do our homework.

How about we use your own capacity and potential for true change. 


Have you heard of Open Innovation? Urgent solutions (such as to find and create the vaccines for COVID-19) need to use the full potential of knowledge available. Let us use this format and see where it leads us.

To be open, we also don't really know where this is going…. Hence “open” innovation. In my work with many different knowledge clusters in destinations in recent years I have experienced visionary people and projects, unexpected context, and unbelievable creativity.

This experience has made its way into the communitylab now.


A “lab” for a reason it is an open system for building a "community" that deals with its challenges through their own forums and groups (= sub-communities).

The purpose is to exchange questions, doubts, knowledge and insights with each other and discuss consequences. Sharing the solutions with others who need that help.


Break-out working groups for change in different disciplines. Working groups with industry friends and people who have nothing or only marginally to do with our industry, but all the more with the topic at hand.

At home in an overall ecosystem based on similar goals and passions.


We want to go this road less travelled, together with you. Organically. Evolving through your, our, the community’s input.

If you have suggestions and ideas and join us in seeing the urgency of acting - join us here. The more open, courageous and active, the better.

We start with topics we think can be of relevance and let it grow from there. Agree or not, but please, throw your hat in the ring as well - maybe your idea will kick off the next big evolution.


We believe most of us keep going because everyone else does too ... Let's break this behaviour and go a different way. The journey starts with a first step!

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