People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships - how is the meetings industry doing for the BIG QUESTIONS

Are We Missing the Essentials?


The more I think about how the new communitylab project can affect and impact on sustainable acceleration, the more I understand that we as an industry have to first answer some really important and somehow BASIC questions, when we want to go beyond “cosmetics” and not allow ourselves back in the comfort zone. There is no point in relying on the same patterns as before the pandemic. To really seriously achieve CHANGE we have to STOP, THINK, TALK, ASK QUESTIONS, find ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS.

I request to completely rethink the "system".

Using the example of destinations and marketing in the MICE area for some questions to ask ourselves:

1) Who knows exactly what the target groups for international destinations events currently are. Everything has changed. Many agencies, companies, associations are looking for new ways. Want to get away from the old behavioral patterns. Do we really help them achieve?

2) Does it make sense for a convention bureau and its employees to rush from one tradeshow to another, tick off as many events and famtrips as possible and really never have the time to do proper follow-ups, to build relationships? And above all to reflect, talk and try out new possibilities? Not to forget the point made under 1)…..

3) How can you trust that the “target group” you are now addressing have really genuine interest in the destination and that the expenses will be worth it, if you have not worked on and in communities before?

4) Building focussed and solution-oriented communities can help to build up relationships, replace unnecessary travel and expenses and lead to new paths and developments.

LESS will be MORE.

Fewer events, fewer fam trips, less of everything, but deeper, more solution-oriented work and collaboration instead.

New content and really good partners - also from other industries – help building relationships around clusters that are important for a destination. That is my idea.

Definitely we want sustainable events and legacy projects. As part of a larger context and bigger changes please.

Otherwise we miss that (last?) chance.

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