Translate your sustainable engagement into business practise - with "A New Generation of Sustainable Famtrips"

We are doubtful about the efficiency and value of famtrips when organised in the conventional way. Too many weak links, too unfocussed, too ignorant of the actual needs of the market and the participants.

To create new concepts for famtrips we will need to find out what planners expect, how to make sure "the right people" are on their way when joining an expensive activity as a famtrip. We also need to discuss with the destinations how to showcase their most sustainable and innovative offers and thus inspire alignment of all stakeholders.

The target for this community discussion is

1) to showcase best practice for sustainable examples and famtrip programs in intl. destinations

2) Planners should set up a catalog of expectations of what a business-oriented fam trip of the future should look like for them - by commenting about examples and sharing their ideas with each other and participating destinations.

3) and vice versa for destinations - what they would expect from hosted buyers joining an invitation to a famtrip

You are invited to make your points clear and visible, only then we will be able to create change together.



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